In Zoetermeer, Jasper Taconis found the perfect education to learn all facets of performing in musicals. During his education, he was asked several times to sing backing vocals at events such as Het Voetbalgala, 50 jaar Unicef, Musicals in Ahoy and het John Kraaijkamp Musical Awards Gala.

After graduating, his successful career took off. In 2007, playing both Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde in the musical Jeckyll and Hyde, Jasper was able to show his talent to a larger audience.

While performing in theme-shows at Holland Casino, Jasper started rehearsals for Jeans 18: Never Can Say Goodbye in 2008. With Jeans 18 …, Jasper proved he could do more than just perform in musicals: he turned out to be an allround entertainer. With his unique voice, he filled many theatres.

In 2009, Jasper showed his comical side in the musical Five Guys Named Moe. Producer Mark Vijn thought Jasper was perfect for the part of Eat Moe. Jasper worked on this highly amusing musical together with Ivo Chundro, Perry Dosset and Jerryl Houtsnee, among others.

Jasper’s performance in Five Guys Named Moe was so succusful that Jasper was nominated for 'Beste mannelijke hoofdrol in een kleine musical' (best male lead in a small musical) at the John Kraaijkamp Musical Awards Gala in that same year.

After Five Guys Named Moe, Jasper travelled to New York to audition for the musical Chicago. Doing auditions on Broadway made a great impression on Jasper and gave him a head start when auditioning for the Dutch tour of Chicago. In Chicago de Musical Jasper played the part of Mary Sunshine. He worked together with Joke de Kruijf, Mariska van Kolck, Thom Hoffman, Peter Lusse and Doris Baaten, among others.

After Chicago, Jasper flew to sunny Aruba to work as an entertainer for 24 months. Then, when he was asked to become both Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde once more, he did not have to think twice: Jasper flew back to the Netherlands to star in the musical once more.

After this, Jasper felt he wanted to return to the Netherlands and he decided to say goodbye to Aruba. After a special farewell concert, Jasper flew back tot he Netherlands to start rehearsals as a backing vocalist for Musical Classics in Rotterdam Ahoy in January 2012.

 Shortly after that, Jasper and his best friend Nicky van der Kuyp organised a benefit concert called Just Once! Together with well-known Dutch singers such as Pearl Jozefzoon, Kim- Lian van der Meij, William Spaaij and Tony Neef, Jasper raised 16 thousand euros for Stichting AMAL. Due to its great success, this special event was repeated in 2014: Just Once Again! This time famous singers such as Stanley Burleson, Antje Monteiro and Nurlaila Karim took part.

Stichting Harlekijn asked Jasper to play the part of the devil: cunning womanizer Darryl van Horne in the thriller musical the Witches of Eastwick. When they told him he would have to seduce his friends Linda Wagenmakers and Joke de Kruijf on stage, he didn’t have to think twice and he accepted the part.  

In december 2012, Jasper took Carolina Dijkhuizen and Freek Bartels to Aruba to perfom for Cas di Glas.

Besides working as a singer, Jasper also works as a host at several events. Among other things, he hosted the premiere of the musical Sister Act for AVRO, a Dutch television station.

Since 2013, Jasper has been back performing at Holland Casino.

Wim Pel Productions asked Jasper to audition for a new animationseries by Disney. His audition was sucesful and Jasper was hired as a voice actor for the new series Packages from planet X. In this series, Jasper plays Troll, one of the main characters.

Starting in 2014, Jasper has been performing in Fourtina, a theatre show by  Nurlaila Karim which incorporates Tina Turner’s impressive repertoire and is filled with passion, energy, rock, blues, beautiful stage lighting and wonderful costumes, in which Nurlaila is assisted by 4 dancers, 3 backing singers (one of them being Jasper) and a band led by Mike Schaperclaus.

On 17 May 2015 Jasper perfomed solo at Songfestival Sing-a-Long at the Ziggo Dome. Here, he made a great impression with his version of the winning song from 2014: ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’.